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Wasilla Property Management

Our Property Management Philosophy

JWL Property Rentals provides full-suite property management services with a team that’s committed to prioritizing excellence. Our experts ensure that your rental receives the top-notch care and attention it deserves, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership minus the hassle.

Property Analysis

Determining how to price your rental competitively can be challenging. Our team is ready to help you by delving into your property’s expenses, revenue, and current physical state. So you get the best price for your property.

Effective Marketing

Through comprehensive market analysis, our team identifies the best channels to promote your property. Our team uses the perfect combination of print and online advertisements to broaden your Alaska property’s exposure.

Tenant Screening

Our screening process includes a thorough assessment of the tenant’s income sources, creditworthiness, criminal records, and past tenancy history. So you can be confident that only the most qualified individuals are selected for your property.

Lease Preparation and Signing

No need to worry about complicated legal jargon! Because our team is highly experienced with landlord tenant law. Trust us to take care of preparing your lease. And ensuring all the details are covered.

Rent Collection

We’re aware of the challenges you may be facing with collecting rent from tenants. That’s why we designed a secure payment platform where rent can be paid quickly and forwarded to you.

Property Maintenance

JWL Property Rentals take pride in providing you and your property with the best care possible. From thorough inspections to prompt maintenance services, our team can seamlessly maintain your property.

Why Choose JWL Properties For Your Wasilla Property?

We Keep you Apprised of your Financial Records

Understanding the big picture of your property investment is crucial. So our team makes it a priority to keep your financial statements easy to understand. We believe that knowledge is key to helping you make informed decisions.

We'll Take Good Care of Your Investment

For us, it’s not just about making a profit. Our team is genuinely passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We’re driven by gaining an in-depth understanding about your property. And what we can do to help it thrive.

We Work in Accordance with the Law

Our focus is on providing exceptional customer experience and we want to get to know our clients on a personal level. Trust us to learn the ins and outs of your Alaska property so we can provide customized services that fit your needs.

We love when our clients are happy

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Professional, Responsive, Knowledgeable and Informed! I couldn’t ask for anything else when I was searching for someone to manage my rental properties since I was no longer in the local area.

Craig O


Nice apartment, great location with kind and professional property management. Highly recommended.

Michael Taylor

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Choosing JWL Property Management means you’re guaranteed the highest caliber of property management services and support. We’re always ready to help you with your questions or concerns.

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What Sets JWL Property Management Apart from its Competitors?

You’re More than a Client

Our focus is on client experience and we want to get to know our customers on a personal level. Trust us to learn the ins and outs of your Alaska property so we can provide customized services that fit your needs.

We Bring a Wealth of Property Management Expertise​

Our team takes pride in having licensed property management experts who can provide guidance in unique areas such as Airbnb management. JWL Property Rentals is passionate about constantly improving to better serve you.

Seamless Operations

Are you worried about juggling different tasks? Now, you don’t have to! Our team’s partnership with Buildium guarantees seamless operations for your property. Tenants can also conveniently contact us via Buildium.

Why Work With Us?

JWL Property Rentals is a multifaceted property management team that aims to deliver exceptional customer service every single time. From comprehensive tenant screening to delivering accurate financial records, we leave no stone unturned to maximize your revenue and skyrocket the market value of your rentals.

Our team of licensed property management experts works proactively. Always nipping potential issues in the bud. Whether it’s late payments or lease violations, we tackle them head-on. But we don’t stop there. Embracing the latest technological advancements, we’ve turbocharged our operations, constantly enhancing our services, to save you time and money.

Our services range from tenant screening to providing accurate financial records of our client’s properties. So we can maximize your revenue and the overall market value of your Alaska properties.

Rental Marketing

Our team evaluates your property and comes up with the best strategy to maximize success. From there, JWL Property Realty employs a synergy of both traditional and modern marketing strategies to find your ideal tenants.

Rent Collection

Trust us to take the stress out of the equation! Your tenants will have flexible options of either paying their rent in person or online, depending on what’s convenient for them. And payments are processed right away.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are a vital part of safeguarding your investment. JWL Property Realty conducts thorough inspections and compiles comprehensive reports to ensure early detection of any problems.