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Eagle River Property Management

Our Property Management Philosophy

JWL Property Rentals, provides a comprehensive suite property management services with a commitment to prioritizing excellence. Our committed team of experts ensures that your Alaska property receives the superior care and attention it deserves. So leave the complexities to us, and enjoy the benefits of worry-free home ownership.  

Property Analysis

Our team begins by assessing your property's size and condition. We then conduct an in-depth analysis, drawing comparisons with similar properties that can be found in the Alaska market, then setting an irresistibly competitive price point, attracting only the most qualified tenants.

Marketing and Advertising

It’s all about marketing smart. Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis, determining the ideal channels to advertise your Alaska property. This is done to strategically position your listing on reputable rental sites. And maximize your property’s exposure.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a crucial step in our process to safeguard your Alaska property. Our team carefully checks prospective tenants' income, creditworthiness, and rental history. Our goal is to find responsible individuals who will be the perfect fit for your property.

Lease Preparation and Signing

Your peace of mind is our top priority in property ownership. Our team ensures the timely preparation of agreements, followed by immediate collection, providing you with a smooth and worry-free experience.

Rent Collection

You no longer need to chase tenants for rental payments! Our innovative payment platform was designed to make your life easier. This user-friendly platform sends tenants notifications when payments are due.

Property Maintenance

With regular checkups and prompt repairs, we guarantee your Alaska property will be in pristine condition. Trust us to handle the details while you relish the perks of hassle-free ownership.

Why should you work with us?

Maximize your Return on Investment

Our team will go the extra mile to safeguard and ensure the profitability of your rental property. From routine checks to seamless repair services, we're in it for the long haul, making your rental property a lucrative venture for years to come.

We'll Take Good Care of Your Investment

Your investment is a valuable asset. So when you trust us with your property, we take it seriously. Our company's philosophy goes beyond profit. We prioritize delivering top-notch service to protect your investment and ensure you benefit for the long haul.

We'll Ensure You're Legally Compliant

JWL Property Realty is a collective of property management professionals who value trust and integrity above all else. Our commitment to legal compliance means you can be fully confident in our property management services.

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Professional, Responsive, Knowledgeable and Informed! I couldn’t ask for anything else when I was searching for someone to manage my rental properties since I was no longer in the local area.

Craig O

Nice apartment, great location with kind and professional property management. Highly recommended.

Michael Taylor

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Choosing JWL Property Management means you’re guaranteed the highest caliber of property management services and support in Alaska. We’re always ready to help you with your questions or concerns.

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What Differentiates JWL Property Rentals from its Competitors?

You’re More than a Client

Our focus is on client experience. It’s important for us to get to know our customers on a personal level. So trust us to help you navigate your property management journey. We’ll provide customized services that fit your needs.

A Wealth of Property Management Expertise

JWL Property Realty decades of experience translates to an indescribable level of talent under one roof. Our team is ready and available to provide expert guidance and help you achieve your real estate goals for your property.

Seamless Operations

Our team’s partnership with Buildium  can assist in streamlining processes  for your property’s day-to-day operations. Buildium has various reliable communication channels. So tenants can conveniently contact us at anytime via the platform.

Why Work With Us?

JWL Property Rentals is a full-service property management team that aims to always deliver superior customer service. From a detailed tenant screening process to delivering accurate financial records, we leave no stone unturned to maximize your revenue and boost the market value of your properties.

Our team of licensed property management experts go above and beyond to get the job done. We identify problems and take Regardless of if it’s late rental payments or delinquent tenants, we tackle them head-on. But we don’t stop there. By embracing cutting-edge technological advancements, we’ve gone full steam ahead with our operations. Enhancing our services to keep saving you time and money.

Our services range from marketing rentals to providing  financial records of our client’s properties. We’re dialed into the local market and can maximize your revenue and the overall market value of your Alaska property.


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Rental Marketing

Our team evaluates your  property and designs a strategy for optimal results. From there, JWL Property Realty crafts the ideal combination of both traditional and modern marketing strategies to find your ideal tenants.

Rent Collection

When you work with us, you can enjoy financial stability! Tenants will have flexible options of either paying rent at the office or online. And the best news? Payments are guaranteed to be processed right away.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are a critical part of keeping your rental in pristine condition. JWL Property Realty conducts thorough inspections and compiles detailed reports to ensure early detection of any problems.